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“It's not an overreach. It's a request for people to pay attention,” Cuban told The Post. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Only fools believe otherwise.
Troops’ use of patches bearing Nazi emblems risks fueling Russian propaganda and spreading imagery that the West has spent a half-century trying to eliminate. New York Times
The moral equivalent of D-Day is happening right now. New York Times


His proposed celebration to mark the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence is exquisitely on brand. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Bet on Trump;
The approval of the school, which would offer online, Roman Catholic instruction funded by taxpayers, is almost certain to tee off a legal battle. New York Times
The Ukrainian army claimed to be gaining ground Monday along a wide front in the Bakhmut area, the "epicenter" of hostilities. Live updates.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Time will tell the impact.
Chris Sununu, a Trump critic who hoped to attract independents to the Republican Party, says he will not be a 2024 presidential candidate.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Smart move.
Journalists at two dozen local newspapers across the U.S. walked off the job Monday to demand an end to painful cost-cutting measures and a change of leadership at Gannett, the country's biggest newspaper chain. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Newspapers are dead, they haven't been buried.
A Wisconsin judge on Monday declined to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to ensure that no records are deleted from a now-closed state office created to investigate former President Donald Trump's loss in 2020. Washington Times


Gun control advocates are targeting law school students as part of their fight to dismantle the firearm industry, asking future lawyers to sign pledges vowing not to represent gun manufacturers once they become licensed attorneys. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Gun control fanatics.
Saudi Arabia has welcomed Venzuelan President Nicolas Maduro on an official visit, reaching out to yet another U.S. foe as the oil-rich kingdom engages in a flurry of diplomacy ABC
VOA VIEW: Biden is losing America's best allies.
General Motors plans to invest more than $1 billion in two manufacturing plants in Flint, Michigan, in order to to prepare them for production of the next-generation internal combustion engine heavy-duty trucks ABC
U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has discussed upgrading partnership with India, a major arms buyer, and set a roadmap for cooperation for the next five years as both countries grapple with China’s economic rise and increased belligerence ABC
VOA VIEW: India is an alternative to China.

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Former Vice President Mike Pence filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission Monday to launch his presidential campaign. ABC
VOA VIEW: A foolish decision.
They've claimed an "injustice" perpetrated by special counsel Jack Smith. ABC
Melanoma is responsible for the large majority of skin cancer deaths, according to the American Cancer Society. CNBC


The world's top oil exporter Saudi Arabia announced further voluntary output cuts which will be implemented from July. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The US can beef up oil production.
The Biden administration is giving out $570 million in grants to help eliminate railroad crossings across the country. Long trains block crossings for hours in some states. FOX News
VOA VIEW: A limited bribe.
Lyman High School in Seminole County, Florida, is offering refunds and reprinted yearbooks after parents complained about a spread detailing various LGBTQ terms such as "genderfluid." FOX News
Drag shows previously planned at multiple military bases have been cancelled after a directive from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin reportedly prohibited the shows. FOX News
VOA VIEW: A pushback decision.
The United States sanctioned seven Russian nationals Monday, for their attempts to help destabilize the government of Moldova and "subvert democracy." UPI

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Russia said Monday its forces repelled a major five-pronged assault in the south Donetsk region by Ukrainian tank and mechanized battalions, killing at least 250 troops and destroying tanks and armored vehicles. UPI
VOA VIEW: The operative word is "claims".
The Supreme Court will rule on whether a California lawyer has a free speech right to trademark a T-shirt mocking former President Trump as 'too small.' LA Times

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June 09, 2023

     Supporters of taxes on the very rich contend that people are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic with a bigger appetite for what they’re calling “tax justice.” Liberals prove how dumb and weak they are.

     Bills announced Thursday in California, New York, Illinois, Hawaii, Maryland, Minnesota, Washington and Connecticut vary in their approaches to hiking taxes, but all revolve around the idea that the richest Americans need to pay more.  All of the proposals face questionable prospects. Similar legislation has died in state legislatures and Congress. But the new push shows that the political left isn’t ready to give up on the populist argument that government can and should be used as a tool for redistributing wealth.

     “Under the pandemic, while people struggled to put food on the table, we saw billionaires double their wealth,” said California Assembly Member Alex Lee, a Democrat. The Tax Foundation, a conservative-leaning policy organization, called wealth taxes - which levy taxes not just on new income, but on a person’s total assets - “economically destructive.”  It also said in a statement that such taxes create “perverse incentives” for the rich to avoid taxes, including simply moving to states with a lower tax burden.

     “Very few taxpayers would remit wealth taxes — but many more would pay the price,” the group said in a statement. Progressive Democrats, however, argue they are not seeing wealthy taxpayers leaving their states due to higher taxes.