With the extensive use of social media among Americans and teens in particular, senators from both parties are pushing the Food and Drug Administration to update its guidelines on prescription drug marketing on social media. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: They should show accurate guidelines.
Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis took the witness stand Thursday to defend herself from efforts to remove her from Donald Trump's 2020 election interference case. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: They both sound guilty.
About 80% of Americans have consistent exposure to an obscure chemical that can be found in many popular oat-based foods, including Cheerios and Quaker Oaks, and has been linked to altered fetal growth, delayed puberty, and reduced fertility. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: This is madness.


Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., refused to condemn rape and sexual violence as "weapons of war" by the terror group Hamas. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Tlaib is an idiot.
Pro-life House members are calling for an investigation into whether five babies were victims of partial-birth abortions. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: A sad commentary.
According to a Rasmussen Reports survey released Thursday, 58% of likely U.S. voters say Joe Biden's presidency has been unsuccessful, including 40% who deem it a complete failure. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: The percentage may be higher.
Multiple Republican lawmakers are championing legislation to ensure that illegal immigrants aren't distorting congressional and presidential races. New York Post
VOA VIEW: As they should.
The disruption is part of a broader effort to stymie Russia’s cybercampaigns against the United States and its allies, including Ukraine. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Sanctions should be placed on all countries that hack the US.
Previously undisclosed letters show a testy exchange over whether the Justice Department violated its own guidelines in releasing a report with comments disparaging President Biden. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Cry babies.


Daniel Werfel, the Internal Revenue Service commissioner, pushed back against claims from Republicans that he had not been following the law. New York Times
VOA VIEW: What are they saying - foolish threats.
The U.S. isn't the undisputed world leader in technology and innovation, according to the House Science Committee's top Democrat, who expressed alarm Thursday about China's rise. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It actually blames Biden.
The Biden administration cut corners in its rush to get migrant kids out of government shelters, failing to complete full checks on the sponsors who came forward to collect the children, a federal inspector general reported Thursday, warning that kids may have ended up placed in unsafe environments. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden has migration in chaos.
More Americans than ever are likely to feel depressed as the number of adults living alone grows nationwide, according to federal data released Thursday. Washington Times

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Kansas City's police chief said no charges have been filed yet in the deadly parade shooting and the investigation is ongoing. CBS
U.S. intelligence has issued warnings to Congress and allies about a Russian initiative to deploy a nuclear-capable weapon in space, designed to target and potentially disable U.S. satellites. CBS
VOA VIEW: This is a serious finding.
"At this point I can inform you that we're moving ahead with jury selection on March 25," Judge Juan Merchan said at a pretrial hearing. CBS
VOA VIEW: Trump should appeal the trial date.


Special counsel Jack Smith urged the justices to deny former President Donald Trump's request to halt a lower court decision rejecting his claim he is immune from federal prosecution. CBS
VOA VIEW: The SC should deny Smith's bid.
You should comb through your free credit report regularly for errors. CBS
VOA VIEW: Everyone should check their credit report.
Sales declined 0.8%, down from a 0.4% gain in December and worse than the estimate for a 0.3% drop. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Not positive for the economy.
A Georgia judge presiding over criminal charges against Donald Trump is hearing arguments about whether to disqualify District Attorney Fani Willis. CNBC
VOA VIEW: They should both be disbarred.
The EPA is allowing farmers to use some existing supplies of dicamba-based weed killers after a federal court halted its use. FOX News

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A stunned passenger captured the moment two Southwest Airlines passengers exchanged blows in a midair disagreement en route to Hawaii on Monday. FOX News
VOA VIEW: This is becoming a serious problem.
A federal judge is set to consider whether the state can enforce a law granting broad authority to police in arresting migrants accused of entering the U.S. illegally. FOX News
VOA VIEW: The state should since the federal government won't.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to prevent crime waves seen in blue states from hitting Florida by proposing tough new laws against retail theft and porch piracy. FOX News
VOA VIEW: A good idea.

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Recent high-profile inmate deaths in federal prisons have raised concerns about operational deficiencies, the U.S. inspector general said Thursday. UPI
VOA VIEW: Strange concerns.
The FAA announced Thursday it would be sending $970 million to 114 airports across the country for infrastructure updates including new baggage systems, larger security checkpoints and increasing gate capacity. UPI
VOA VIEW: More bribe money.
The Biden administration has blacklisted three people and four companies that the United States accuses of procuring American goods and technology for Iran and the Middle Eastern country's U.S.-designated central bank. UPI
VOA VIEW: As the US should.
Rep. James Clyburn announced Wednesday that he is stepping down from his post as assistant House Democratic leader. UPI
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised the test of a "new-type surface-to-sea missile" and ordered a stronger military posture near a contentious maritime border in the Yellow Sea, state-run media reported Thursday. UPI
VOA VIEW: NK is looking for confrontation.
Scientists have created a synthetic molecule that appears capable of attacking a broad range of bacteria that have become dangerously resistant to workhorse medicines. LA Times

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